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Big News for Bitcoin: Nasdaq bestätgt the Start of the Future products for 2019

Big News for Bitcoin: Nasdaq bestätgt the Start of the Future products for 2019

Home News Big News for Bitcoin: Nasdaq bestätgt the Start of the Future products for 2019

Marcus Misiak –

Last week, rumour had it, wanted to confirm a supposed launch of a Bitcoin Future on the Nasdaq. This week, the Team has responded to those speculations and confirmed that these should go in the next year.

The most recent report was confirmed by the Vice-Chairman of Nasdaq and his Team, according to the new financial product launched officially and fully in the first half of 2019 is placed. This is a good message, which follows directly on the announcement of Bakkt, restart your Bitcoin-Futures-trade at the end of January. These upcoming events can act as a catalyst to lead the crypto market in a new spring.

Joseph Christinat, vizepräs dent of Nasdaq, confirmed to, that the contract trade to be established for next year (freely translated):

Bitcoin Futures are also recorded and should come in the first half of next year on the market – we’re just waiting for the consent of the CFTC, but it was invested enough work in this direction, to this confirmation to obtain the.

The messages have rolled over on international news websites really, so that is almost a new little Hype is created. He describes that he could not understand why there is so much speculation, instead of coming directly to you and to translated questions (free):

We have seen a lot of speculation and rumors about what we could do, but no one has thought to come to us and ask if we can confirm it. So, let’s go – we do this and that happens.

Nasdaq is one of the largest stock exchanges in the world, which already works for more than a year of the introduction of the Bitcoin Future products. The company currencies is already working for some time on the Integration of Crypto and the development of other financial products in connection with digital currencies. Some speculators are suing the companies, a targeted delay of these processes, since the crypto market is driven heavily by the bears and this is, of course, ideal to bring such products to the Start. Christinat said (freely translated):

We have put a lot of money and energy in providing this capability, and we have survived a long time – long before the market went into turmoil, and does not affect the timing in any way. The period is completely no matter! We will do this, no matter what happens.

The Bitcoin Futures are traded on the Nasdaq Futures platform (NFX). Whether the launch will actually move institutional investors to invest money in this asset class, remains to be seen.

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