Bettel explains again sworn in as Luxembourg’s premier

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In Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel on Wednesday again the oath taken as first minister. The politician of the liberal party, DP is going to his second term as head of government of the Grand duchy.

The previous coalition consisting of the liberals of the DP, the socialists of LSAP and The Greens, is being continued. In addition to Bettel sworn grand duke Henri still sixteen other ministers.

In the parliamentary elections on 14 October, lost the blue-red-green coalition of Bettel one seat, which the government is but the smallest possible majority of 31 seats to 60. The christian democratic party CSV remained with 21 seats (-2), the largest group.

In the new government deliver the liberals and social democrats each six ministers, the greens five. Bettel’s next prime minister, also minister of Media, Digitalization, Culture, and Administrative Simplification. The instead Jean Asselborn, since 2004, to post as foreign minister, also remains this government’s top diplomat, and will also get the portfolio to seek Asylum. Vicepremiers his minister of the Economy Etienne Schneider (LSAP) and attorney general john Félix Braz (The Greens).

According to their new coalition agreement, the government will work to create a higher minimum wage, two additional holidays, free local public transport and the legalisation of cannabis.

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