’Belgian international stores banned and is 175.000 euro lost’

75333acf766a3fe003faf4559e18d4c9 - ’Belgian international stores banned and is 175.000 euro lost’

The two players are already friends.

The 25-year-old Belgian broke the nose of his team-mate Jin Pengxiang and would the Chinese now 175,000 euro paid. Eerer refused Pengxiang according to The Latest News in the amount of 10,000 euros.

For most people is an amount of 175,000 euro a droomsalaris, but for Carrasco, it’s a pittance. The international of the Red Devils earn as much as ten million euros per year since the beginning of 2018 have made the switch from Atletico Madrid to the Far East.

Carrasco missed recently is the national football team against Iceland and Switzerland. Pengxiang did, namely, declaration to the police, after which his club Dalian Yifang the passport of Carrasco took. The cold is now back again from the air. Tuesday was a picture to the outside that the two were fraternally he posed.

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