AYNIL-film, until the end of surprise for the actors

d335e7c813cc671a9c9a9f37a4d25736 - AYNIL-film, until the end of surprise for the actors

“You’re sitting during the recording very much in your own cocoon in your own world and your own storyline,” explains Eva. “They made it for us actually as big a surprise as soon for the public to have the film in time to see it.”

Her opponent Jasha Rudge was impressed by the great production. “At the moment we are at the turning were, we thought: this is a large set with a complete hotel that is rented and so on. If you keep in mind that that really only one of the eight, nine, storylines, then you know only that it is a super-production,” he says. “I was very curious as to how that came together. It is very beautiful.”


Jasha plays in the film the role of Remy, a stuck-up rapper and singer “that is totally not normal look at the world.” He is the bleue girl Boukje against, a role of Eve, where he, despite their great differences madly on. Their first meeting did not go off without a hitch, both in the film and the set.

“On the first filming, it went all wrong,” laughs Eva. “I had to Jasha a corner and that did happen, giving him a bloody nose.”

All You Need Is Love is on december 6 premiere. The star cast consists of big names like Fedja van Huêt, Bracha of Doesburgh, Frank Lammers, Waldemar ‘ and Ghent Pheifer.

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