’As dead as a doornail’ may soon be no more

7c564935de91fe6c5ab323a9cd937c8e - ’As dead as a doornail’ may soon be no more

AMSTERDAM – As dead as a doornail, as a rat in the trap or bleeding like a cow. That animal proverbs and sayings use you may have with any regularity. But an animal rights organisation, comes soon to an end.

The animal rights organisation wants all expressions which are ’cruelty to animals downplay’ elimination

“As it is unacceptable to become racist or homophobic language, phrases that suffering diminish even disappear”, let the organization know. “Words make a difference. And while our understanding of social justice evolves, it evolves the language.”

The bull by the horns sum up, an expression that is both in Dutch and in English, of the American organization a vegetarian make-over: the flower for the thorns to grasp is proposed. Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is already in the gun against physical violence towards animals, but now focuses also on verbal ‘aggression’.

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