About food: how healthy are ready meals?

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Wednesday revolves About eating all over ready-made meals. It is the disease of our time: everyone is always busy-busy. A challenging job, children, a busy social life: no wonder that fresh cooking not always comes from. But don’t worry: of lasagne over meat balls in tomato sauce to Asian stir-fries, all as they exist in ready-made versions. A huge time saver, yes, but how healthy are ready meals? Kobe Ilsen and Danira Boukhriss find out in this sixth episode of Over eating.
How healthy are ready meals?

Kobe should go to Culinor, a major player on the market. How are the meals made? About food also buys a range of a hundred ready-made meals in supermarkets. Rosa Luyten Flemish Institute for Healthy Living will analyze them: how healthy are they?
An experiment: Danira lives three weeks on maaltijdshakes

It may still be faster than a ready-made lasagne, for example? Yes, as it turns out. On the internet you can find advertising for maaltijdshakes. A liquid diet where all the nutrients inside that a person needs in a day. The ready-made meals of the future?
Never cook, no groceries to have to do more… even faster and easier. Danira see that. She goes crazy for the experiment and deletes three weeks all solid foods from her menu, and it lives entirely on shakes. What does that do with her health? And what does that do with her social life?
Life (and food) with diabetes

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