1.7 million for the engagement ring from Barbara Sinatra

NEW YORK – The engagement of Barbara Sinatra has at auction in New York, 1.7 million dollars (1.5 million euros) to pay.

The conscious ring that Sinatra his girlfriend in the seventies in marriage.

The American entertainer Frank Sinatra (1915-1998) asked with diamond jewel in a glass of champagne to his girlfriend at the time, in marriage. It was in 1976, his fourth wife. Sinatra was previously married, among others, with Ava Gardner and Mia Farrow.

According to auction house Sotheby’s, drove two telephone bidders the price. Except this particular ring came under more bracelets, brooches and earrings from the legacy of the death last year Barbara Sinatra-Blakeley under the hammer. The new owners paid a total of more than 4.1 million euros for the knick-knacks.

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