’Youth Lokomotiv Moscow froze to death’

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Alexey Lomakin

The mother of the 18-year-old player of the Russian club had to raise the alarm after he was not at home come and also had had heard. Lomakin would be on 30 november for a ’medical examination’ to the training complex of the club are gone and also the night.

According to several Russian media, the boy went to then enjoy a drink with a friend. His phone was to december 2, connected to a network. His mother tried him in vain to call. According to the Russian dni24 has a taxi driver to let you know that Lomakin his smartphone and backpack in the taxi behind had left.

Deeply saddened

What exactly happened in that particular night, is unclear. The Russian Meduza reports that he literally froze to death on the street is found. There is still research being done into the exact cause of death.

Lokomotiv Moscow has the tragic news on Twitter shared. “FC Lokomotiv Moscow is deeply saddened to share that Loko O21-player Alexey Lomakin in Moscow, has died. The survey runs. We are shocked by the tragic news. We want to offer our deepest condolences extend to the family and friends of Alexey.”

The temperatures in Moscow at night fall to around 10 degrees below zero in december.

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