You can recognize Staff Coppens on this klasfoto?

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Richer than you Think? on Tuesday, 4 december guest in the library of Genk. The ultra-modern cube-shaped building has an area of over 6,000 m2 and is one of the largest libraries of our country. Place enough so for a new schattingsdag.

In the long row of visitors spot Staf Coppens, a well-known face: his miss of the third grade. She is waving triumphant with a klasfoto of Staff, who was still a lush forest had told her. But the real reason of her visit is a blunder they ever committed on an auction. During the safe she stuck her hand accidentally in the air, and bought them as, inadvertently, a Medieval board for 2000 Belgian francs, 50 euros. After 40 years they are finally out of the closet because she wants to know if the board is indeed Medieval. “Maybe that picture of me is ultimately worth more,” laughs Rod. The expert should clarify: is the old klasfoto of Staff, or the board is the most valuable?

A man comes to the schattingsdag in Genk with a green stone. To the origin of the object is eagerly gambled: petrified air, solidified lava… or according to Staff: a cheese that is too long in the fridge. The man found the strange object in cleaning up his garden, but his children are the stone rather lose than rich. Are the”green broebels” daddy worth anything?

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