Washington sets deadline to Moscow for weapons

fd948ae73d6b79f3e7ed1c2aad0eb406 - Washington sets deadline to Moscow for weapons

BRUSSELS – The United States will be the wapenbeheersingsverdrag INF about sixty days to comply with unless Russia proves that it is the obligations under the treaty to comply. The American minister Mike Pompeo said in Brussels, after consultation with the other NATO ministers of Foreign Affairs about the Russian violation of the treaty.

The American minister Mike Pompeo Tuesday during a speech in Brussels.

“We would be a Russian change of course welcome. They have the next sixty days the time to do that,” said Pompeo.

In the INF treaty, the US and Russia in 1987, no (nuclear)missiles with a range of more than 500 kilometers. In a statement to write the members of the government that the Russian breach the security of the alliance undermines, and is part of a wider pattern of attempts by the western security to weaken. “We call on Russia at the treaty verifiable.”


President Trump had already announced the treaty to say due to the Russian violation. The allies say that the current situation is not tenable. “It is now up to Russia, the INF treaty to keep alive”, is the message.

The ministers say a constructive relationship with Moscow to continue to strive, provided Russia’s behavior that allows it. “We remain open to dialogue.”

NATO chief Jens) spoke of “a clear message” and” last chance for Moscow”, but said to regret that ,,we will likely say goodbye to the treaty. We must do this as an alliance, to show that we are united.” If only one party to the treaty comply with it has no meaning, said the Norwegian in imitation of Pompeo.

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