Video – Sexism-rel around award the Ballon d’or

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Ada Hegerberg is thinking of his own.

The French dj and co-presenter thought it was a good idea to Norwegian Ada Hegerberg, the first female winner of the Ballon d’or, to ask if she wanted to twerken.

The aanvalster of Olympique Lyon was not served by that question and answered with a clear “no”. Then turned Hegerberg Solveig the back. Below you can view the images.

On social media, it rained for angry comments on the by many as ’sexist’ comment from Solveig. So was tennis player Andy Murray is tremendously evil. “Why are women still with this sh*t?” he wondered.

Solveig offered on Twitter to apologize in a video message. “This was a joke, and probably a very bad one.” According to the dj understood the 23-year-old Hegerberg, however, that it is a joke. The Norwegian soccer star told the BBC that the incident is not sexual harassment considered.

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