‘United Kingdom can Brexit unilaterally stop’

15d3c3c91823769220629e4736dc0ca3 - ‘United Kingdom can Brexit unilaterally stop’

The United Kingdom must unilaterally the Brexit able to stop. That advises the attorney-general of the European Court of Justice.

Attorney-general Campos Sanchez-Bordona judge in his non-binding opinion that the United Kingdom’s invocation of article 50 can unilaterally withdraw. The unanimous approval of the other member states is therefore not required. That was however the point of view of the European institutions.

The advocate-general attaches a number of conditions to the unilateral withdrawal of article 50. So that, just as the announcement of the intention of the EU to leave, officially notified the European Council. The British parliament must agree.

If the judges of the European Court, the opinion and say that the British are effectively one-sided, the Brexit could stop it, then that will be the vote in the house of Commons about the Brexit deal is definitely impact. When a not is the in that case, it is possible that a Brexit will not continue.

Later, a final judgment of the Court. Who is there at the request of a number of Scottish politicians who wanted to know whether the United Kingdom the Brexit can stop without the consent of the other member states. This is often followed by the Court to the opinion of the advocate-general.

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