’UEFA threatens City with the exclusion of Champions League’

16d4be9342a5551d7611e83693bd6ef8 - ’UEFA threatens City with the exclusion of Champions League’

The Citizens came into disrepute after revelations from Football Leaks and the European football association now has an independent investigation.

Manchester City was one of the targets of the whistle-blowers of Football Leaks. From leaked documents showed that the English won the national championship the rules of the Financial Fair Play excluded through contracts. Accusations that are strongly denied by the City, but the European football body, UEFA, apparently very seriously.

Heavy consequences

Aleksander Ceferin, president of UEFA, has let understand that an independent inquiry was set up. He said that at the meeting of the Executive Committee of UEFA in Dublin, Ireland. According to The Guardian thinks the UEFA to heavy consequences for the English champion. As would be exclusion from participation in the Champions League on the table.

Whether the soup is actually so hot eaten will be, is still just guess work. In the past it was Manchester City also discredited for violations of Financial Fair Play, but got a fine of a few tens of millions of euros.

Financial Fair Play was established in order to prevent football clubs to many would take advantage of the money of one suikeroom. Simply put, should football clubs by the rule not to spend more than comes in to prevent that they are financially dependent on them.

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