Trump brings the final salute to former president George H. W. Bush

With a ceremony in the U.s. Capitol, members of Congress say goodbye to the deceased former president George H. W. Bush. President Trump brought the chest Monday night in a final salute.

The body of the Friday death that Bush senior was with Air Force One, transferred from Texas to Washington, DC and is currently in state in the Capitol. Citizens Wednesday, farewell of him.

For the White House praised vice president Mike Pence, the merits of the 41st president of the USA, the country from 1989 to 1993, ruled. “President Bush oversaw the collapse of the Soviet union, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and under his leadership, won America the Cold War’, says Pence. “When George Herbert Walker Bush farewell as president, he showed America and the world more peaceful, more prosperous and safer behind.’

‘Great patriot’

The leader of the Republicans in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, called Bush a ‘hero’. “During the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet union, he kept us on course.” The chairman of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, spoke of ‘a great patriot’.

President Trump clashed in the past arranged with the Bush family. He will Wednesday, the funeral to attend. Bush will be in Texas to be buried next to his wife, Barbara, in april of this year died.

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