Trump and Melania prove Bush last respects

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WASHINGTON – The body of former U.s. president George H. W. Bush was laid in state in the Capitol building in Washington. Members of the Senate and the House of Representatives will make him remember. President Trump and his wife Melania came to pay their last respects. Also will vice-president Mike Pence will speak.

The body of Bush was with the American presidential aircraft Air Force One, transferred from Houston to Washington. Bush’s body was with a military tribute at the Capitol building, the seat of the U.s. Congress. After the ceremony with the delegates in the Capitol, citizens can there until Wednesday to say goodbye to the 41st president of the USA, who from 1989 to 1993, ruled.

President Donald Trump has Wednesday declared a day of national mourning. Also will the flags at the White House, government buildings, and legerbases thirty days long mast hang. On the same day, the central funeral place in the National Cathedral in Washington, which Trump and his wife Melania attend. George W. Bush, who like his father also served as president of the USA, speaks during the ceremony.

Then Bush’ body back to Texas, where he Thursday, will be buried.

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