Tim Douwsma scores first top 10 hit

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Tim Douwsma

“Some time ago, I got my words together geraapt and along with Tony’s Cousin and Jochem Fluitsma the text written. How everything came together was so emotional and special at the same time. To Tony and Jochem to work with is very fine and I am very happy that they have this together with me wanted to do,” says Tim.

“At the time that the text coincided with the music shots the tears in my eyes. It is a very nice result become and in a beautiful final tribute to Tim’s cousin”, let Tony Cousin know. In addition to the collaboration with Tim, was a Cousin also actively involved in the musical careers of, among others, Jeroen van der Boom, Willeke Alberti, Gerard Joling, Ruth Jacott.

“I hope with this song touching people, and especially to provide support for everyone who has someone missing,” please let Tim know. To the number in the cold winter months is a conscious choice. “It is good to be in this way, my cousin, to commemorate and as my family to support.”

Immediately after the release of I miss you more and more received the singer’s many statements of support from fans who feel to share and also someone to have to miss. The song was massively downloaded with Douwsma his first top 10 listing ever.

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