‘The Wizard of Oz’ is the most influential movie ever made

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According to recent research, on the basis of extensive data analysis would be ‘The Wizard of Oz’ from 1939 the most influential film of all during his. To no other film in the history of cinema, just as often referred to, as it turns out.

The ‘importance’ of a film might seem difficult lens to capture on the basis of measurable data, but two mathematicians at the university of Turin have yet to exercise daring. The data analysts decided to figure out which film is most often cited, in order to determine which production is the most other filmmakers it influenced.

It will make some film lovers might be surprised, but it is not a film genre of ‘Citizen Kane’ or ‘The Godfather’ came out as winner from that analysis forward. The something frivolere musical with Judy Garland in the lead role seems to be the most influential picture of all time.

The researchers used the results of their analysis known in the online journal, Applied Network Science. Because previous lists of ‘most important’ films of each were made on the basis of criteria such as income, publieksenquêtes or reviews, its that rankings are not objective, so say the mathematicians. Or a film with audience and critics scores well, will depend largely on fashions and the spirit of the time – very subjective criteria, so.

The Italians were therefore designated with different figures than cash register receipts to get started. They dived in the database of the authoritative filmwebsite IMDb (Internet Movie Database). In that large database, not only the data about less than 47.000 movies tracked, but also the credentials that movies among each other. This may involve, for example, a quote, a song from another movie, or a stylish, that is followed. Also a literal reference to a title weighs, of course.

Not a single movie scored on these planes better than “The Wizard of Oz’. On the second and third place we find, respectively, the iconic classics ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Psycho’.

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