The Bullet speaks: ’I thought I was dying’

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Leon de Kogel

According to The Bullet is a small miracle that he was even still alive. With friends, the 27-year-old Houtenaar on vacation, when disaster struck. The taxi driver took the wrong exit of a roundabout. “When were we head,” he says in an interview with FC Utrecht TV.

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Leon the Bullet seriously injured after car accident

Eventually had to fire him from the car wreck saw. “I just really feel that I would go away, in fact, that I was going to die, I say.” Many more know The Ball. He was rushed to the hospital, where he woke up with a scaffolding in his leg. “With pins and an iron frame in it. That was quite a scare.”


Now his life every day in the character of the rehabilitation. “I’m there every single day. I’m there now so I can see where it is going to end. If I were there, but everything to do.” Luckily he has his two sons, where he has a lot of power out put, because he knows very well that he just no longer had. “Eight weeks after the accident I came to my senses that I should be happy that I was still there. Step one is: you survive it. Step two: keep your leg.”

A football career can The Bullet probably on his belly write, but completely out of the football disappear, he does not see happen. “For my feeling, I am still totally not done with football. I would like something to continue to do that.”

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