Stepmother Monique Westenberg died

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“My peanuts mommy! Yet, quite unexpectedly, is my very dearest peanut, mama, Maria, yesterday evening died. After more than a year to fight against all the diseases that you are happen, we thought that you are finally on top was to come, there was again a small bit of hope. We laughed even again, with each other, and after 9 weeks in the hospital, we got hope you here soon from would be allowed,” writes an emotional Monique in a series of photos on Instagram.

“Unfortunately, your heart was weak after everything your body has to endure. Your beautiful, honest heart! Over the past two years we have happily lived side by side for which we meet every day have seen, making André the first two years of his life every day with his grandmother and has spent. Dear Maria, I am grateful to you for the 20 years of love, caring, your listening ear, good advice, wisdom, silliness, and honesty, but above all, for everything you and daddy have given. Our family is not complete without you. I’m with you so indescribably much miss my Peanut mama. My heart is broken.”

Ideal mother-in-law

André has nothing but beautiful memories of his mother-in-law. “I remember our first meeting. I was the whole day nervous you and my father-in-law to meet. The moment I stepped in the beloved The Sun I was incredibly warmly received. We have the entire evening to celebrate with his drunk, talked, laughed. You’re in the 4.5 years that your in my life was such a major force. So sweet, so real, so pure. And now all of a sudden you are no longer there. You were the ideal mother-in-law and Peanuts mommy of my wife. You will always remain the grandmother of our child and we will do everything that he you will remember forever. Thank you for the wonderful years, and we love you. A beloved Dutchman is gone and will be a great loss for so many people.”

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