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Startup brings Bitcoin in the Austrian retail Coin Hero

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Startup brings Bitcoin in the Austrian retail

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Matthias Nemack –

A few years ago, many interested parties would hardly be imagined that digital currencies could be before the year 2020 to an Alternative for payments in retail stores. But the company Salamantex now, among other things in Austria.

Terminals bring together crypto-currency, and trade

The beginning will make according to the provider of the Bitcoin itself, as it is when said young IT companies Salamantex. Home the company in lower Austria. The “All-in-one crypto-Payment solution” not exactly appeal only to retailers in the classic sense, but also restaurateurs that want to offer their customers more flexible payment options. After the expiration of such one-year development phase, the delivery of the Terminals to the merchants is now in the house.

Extension of the Token for 2019 in planning

An innovative approach is that the developed program takes into account the case of payments the current Bitcoin price and the appropriate conversion for transactions. To the company it is, you’ve brought about 500 terminals of the terminal with the name “SX1801” to the customers – about one-fifth in the home, the Rest in foreign countries. The crypto-based payment system should focus, in fact, only at the beginning of the Bitcoin, at the beginning of the new year, other currencies will be integrated. Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash are, for example, in the planning stage. Has established itself the System, timely additional Token added to it. It is important, of course, first of all, that the demand on the customer side is as big as hoped.

Because of the success of the company Salamantex depends, not least, which generates, among other things, through transaction fees, and rental fees revenue. Without greater awareness, but about 500 Terminals to deliver, is all a first success in the growing crypto market that arrives, inevitably, also reinforced in the “real” world. Exact Details to customers of the Terminals at the Moment are not yet available.

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