Sjaak Bral argues for ’steamy sex’

2df3bc08af4d9106fa3ba97d8c550aa5 - Sjaak Bral argues for ’steamy sex’

Sjaak Bral

“In the past five years dunked me under in just about all forms of sex”, says Sjaak about the preparations for his new show. “Of the gogobars in Thailand to the darkrooms of The Hague. Swingerparties, SM-parties, Tinder, and Grindr: I have it all experienced (with the consent of my partner). The result is a cabaret show that feels like one big highlight.”

According to Sjaak is the sexual revolution, in a dilemma. On the one hand, it must be all, what makes for ’strange antics in the bedroom’. “Cirque du Soleil is nothing in.” But on the other hand, is the preutsheid back. “Sex is the best that there is. If they ever invent that is nicer… I keep it just there,” said Sjaak. “Sex is an inexhaustible source of wonder, mystery, and especially joy.”

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