Sicilian maffialeider arrested

a76b559b6ed9705e8097f8b850357206 - Sicilian maffialeider arrested

The Italian police has the 80-year-old jeweler Settimo Mineo was arrested. He would in may to become the new leader of the Cosa Nostra are elected.

According to the Italian media is Mineo, the successor of Salvatore ‘Toto’ Riina, who last year in the prison died.

In addition to Mineo in the politieactie still 45 other suspects arrested. They are suspected of, inter alia, maffiabendevorming, extortion, carrying firearms, armed robbery and arson.

“This is one of the heaviest blows which the state, the mafia has administered’, responds deputy prime minister Luigi Di Maio. “There is no longer any place for this kind of scum in Italy.

The past few years, the police, the Cosa Nostra a few times, can come under the conviction of mafia boss Riina, but the Cosa Nostra is trying to re-organize.

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