Sammy Moore this week in Anyone Famous

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Sammy Moore is this week is a whole week long to see in the One programme ‘iedereen Beroemd’ is a daily broadcast between 19.40 you and 20.05. We come very what to know about the fans of Sammy Moore and how the singer among them. In addition to singing, he is also kachelverkoper.
Yesterday, Monday, it was clear that his fans Sammy on hands and that this, in turn, also the case. Sammy Moore is hot actually Moh Moh with his surname. His father was one of the first guest workers at that time in Belgium had come to work. By the strange last name was Sammy, as a child, the victim of racist bullying. Now enjoy the lead singer of the attention, because he that used to be so hard to miss. Everything Sammy went through, he takes and therefore he tries in every case to be a good man.

Tonight is o.a. the oldest fan and regular customer of Sammy on the word ‘Everyone is Famous’. Meanwhile, has the singer to his first concert on Saturday evenings from 19h to take place in Sportoase The Tower to Rotselaar. With Filip D haeze, Eveline Cannoot, Michael Lanzo, and Dinah Rodrigues there are also penalty artists. Also Sammy’s second album “My own way” is that evening proposed. The seats are already sold out, but there are still some plots for sale. They are on sale for the price of € 20 via or at the entrance of the hall.

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