Roy Donders thanks for support after bankruptcy

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Roy Donders

“I’ve been there with the rest of the family for 8.5 years, everything has been done. But unfortunately, it did not succeed,” says the stylist in a video on Facebook. “I find it terrible that I have this news should share. But it is no different, one shop after another shop will close.”

“I still have gigs and I still have some saved up over the years. I’m going to continue with the action and I will see what 2019 puts me. It was a terribly difficult year. I am my grandfather and grandmother lost, my relationship with Marvin is out and now as the icing on the cake the bankruptcy of my shop. That is me, of course, not in the cold clothes sitting. It belongs to the business. I say goodbye to the store and I hope that 2019 me something very nice is going to bring.”

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