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Renault change the name of its F1 team

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Renault has today announced the name of its F1 team with immediate effect change.

In a press release states that the Renault Sport Formula One Team from december 4, from name changes to the Renault F1 Team. Therefore chooses the French manufacturer for a much simpler and more powerful name.

‘This simpler and more natural designation has as a target the more than 40-year-old relationship between Renault and Formula 1 have more to express,” as is read in the press release.

The new name and the new logo should be the brand image and the brand awareness of Renault benefit and continue developing. The new logo is much simpler and clearer to read than the old logo of the team. The well-known diamond, the emblem of Renault, is also clearly in the back.

With the name change shows Renault shows its commitment to Formula 1, after the end of 2015, decided to have her presence in the Formula 1 to expand from 2016, again with its own factory team to take part in the F1 championship.

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