Rel after their request to twerken to winner Golden Ball

Olympique Lyonnais’ football player Ada Hegerberg

The Norwegian football player was obviously not amused and responded with a measured ’non’ (no) on the request. On the social media sparked a storm of criticism at release the Solveig.

So wrote top tennis player Andy Murray: “Why are women still such shit? What questions did they actually Mbappé and Modric? I can imagine that it has something to do with football. To anyone who thinks that it’s just a joke was: that it was not. I lost my whole life in the sport involved and it is amazing how much sexism in it prevails.”

Solveig offered immediately after the voetbalgala in Paris apologized for Hegerberg. “I’m not angry,” said the Norwegian. “I took it not as something sexist.”

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