PVV wants to unplug ’allochtonenzender’ FunX

9785d4b5febb3a3b395b7402fb40a0cc - PVV wants to unplug ’allochtonenzender’ FunX

Martin Bosma

“Stop with hip hop, a transmitter, especially for ethnic minorities. A apartheidszender so. Sale and enjoy the euros roll in, mr. minister,” says Bosma Monday, in a speech about the mediabegroting. He is also ready to go with entertainment. “Stop with all that entertainment: all of Holland Bakes is wonderful to hear and Farmer wants a Wife also, but it is a public task?”

What the member of parliament concerned, the NPO is still much to be further undressed. “Scratch that third tv station, two is really more than enough. And stop with all this nauseating CELEBRITIES on a journey. This kerosineslurpers do it all because of a better environment. They let their idealism elsewhere to indulge.”

Bosma has also had it with football. “Still offers the NPO tens of millions too much on the football. Why do they do that? Because they are for ratings and not for the public task. Why do they do that? Because they bulk of the money, our money. Let John de Mol it is still nice to do.”

And if we’re working on that are: “Stop with the internet. There is no scarcity and the public service broadcaster is competing unnecessarily with private industry. Waste of money, marktbederf.”

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