Pupil primary school stabs classmates with insulinenaald

186568833f122eb4cafb30c4e78f36d6 - Pupil primary school stabs classmates with insulinenaald

SWANSEA – A basisschoolleerling has at least fifteen classmates with his insulinenaald put into it. The victims were treated in hospital and the rest of the year, with regular doctor visits to control. Also, the students have a hepatitisinjectie and a blood test to wait.

The attack took place at a primary school in the English Swansea. Professor Caroline May said in her statement, namely that “the school once again apologies to offer to all the students involved.” According to her, are the victims reviewed by experienced clinicians and there is no reason to care.

Procedures to sharpen’

Meanwhile, the primary school a meeting for parents is arranged. In addition, the management procedures around pupils with a self-medication review to reduce the risks of similar incidents in the future limit.

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