Prices, rackets, socks: Boris Becker must sell everything!

e71af25738f6ce296fd061271513dc45 - Prices, rackets, socks: Boris Becker must sell everything!

Also this trophy of the Stockholm Indoor Tennis Championships in 1994 should Becker sell

The former tenniskampioen on strike yesterday attempts to make a sale of his personal belongings, writes Daily Mail. Last year, he knew a sale that two hundred thousand pounds would result in creditors, successfully to avoid by claiming that it would rob him of his ’personal dignity’. Monday said his lawyer in court that Becker is no longer opposition to the sale.

Becker has also his claim that he had diplomatic immunity as a representative of the Central African Republic. He used that earlier as an argument on the basis of which he was not prosecuted might be, already talked to the minister of Foreign Affairs, such a role of Becker was already against. Now Becker so it can be continued, he can research about where finances under the microscope to be laid and lawyers him under oath, may be questioned.

Becker was in 2017 by a court in London declared bankrupt, owing a debt to a British privately owned bank. Also his former business partner Hans-Dieter Cleven claimed 8.8 million euro of him, but according to Bild asked the judge Boris on appeal in the same and should Cleven now the costs of Becker pay.

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