Plien van Bennekom neighbor in Kees & Co

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Plien van Bennekom

“I’m well-intentioned, but obnoxiously present”, described Plien her role in RTL Boulevard. Brenda is according Plien in addition, a ” ‘re out, which is unnecessary, well-intentioned advice’. Big difference with Kees’ former neighbor Sonja, a role of Esther Roord, is that Brenda less on mannenjacht.

That neighbor Sonja does not return in the sequel to the komedieserie was in October clearly. Roord was even not contacted, let them know to The Telegraph. Only the lead actress Simone Kleinsma returns in the vervolgserie, that in the spring on the tube.

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Kees & Co was a successful komedieserie that was broadcast from 1997 to 2006. The series revolved around the hectic life of a housemother, Kees and her husband and children. In addition to Kleinsma are also Chantal Janzen and Tibor Lukács to see in the sequel.

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