PETA upset about wedding Nick and Priyanka

b1777935f144be47d232a9b14b26832b - PETA upset about wedding Nick and Priyanka

“Congratulations, but unfortunately it was not a good day for the animals”, let the Indian branch of PETA on Twitter know. “Elephants at weddings are used to be tied up on chains, and the horses are kept in check with whips with sharp points attached to it. Other people reject olifantenritjes and keep weddings without horses.”

In a longer statement, let the organization know that Priyanka is better should have been informed. “Priyanka had advised about the storm of criticism that would follow on this animal cruelty. You see there is not big or glamorous as you abuse promotes of animals that have no choice but to cooperate, but you will understand null and void.”

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