Palestine wants to lose Israel as a homeland

ecf2a6c372492ec6cd171cb20baeee56 - Palestine wants to lose Israel as a homeland

STRASBOURG – A Palestinian man suing the Netherlands at the European Court of Human Rights (ECTHR), because he doesn’t want that in the public documents state that Israel is his homeland.

A Palestinian man in the Old City in Jerusalem.

Emiel de Bruijne, who have been living in the Netherlands, was born in East Jerusalem, since the six-day war of 1967, the disputed territory is. The east side of the city, including the famous Old City with the wailing wall and temple mount, has since then been occupied by Israel. The country states that Jerusalem is the eternal and indivisible capital, and is inextricably linked with judaism.

De Bruijne (1992) tried rather unsuccessfully through the Dutch administrative judge are native to change. He procedeerde to the Council of State, but didn’t get his way. Law firm Mash d’oliveira made Tuesday announced that De Bruijne to the european court for human rights get.


The ministry of Home Affairs provides the possibility for behind country of birth ’unknown’ record. In 2012, the department announced that the registration ’(Occupied) Palestinian territory’ would be included in the basic registration Persons (BRP), but it later came back on.

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