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Own stadium first

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New book does call to hatchet to bury

Own stadium first

Want, but can’t. And most importantly: each other, nothing to give. A new book outlines the arguments, the endless ideological debates, and the legal ordeal that today almost every major

stadionproject in Belgium impossible.

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Jan Breydel Stadium. belga

New book does call to hatchet to bury

Own stadium first

Want, but can’t. And most importantly: each other, nothing to give. A new book outlines the arguments, the endless ideological debates, and the legal ordeal that today almost every major

stadionproject in Belgium impossible.


Nico Tanghe

BrusselHet is five over twelve. The thuisstadions for us professional football are too small, too old and hardly adaptable to the modern requirements of the current football world. To new to build, there are plans, project promoters and lenders is enough. Even local governments stand behind the initiatives. Yet we still managed, so far, almost never.

‘Any plan for a new, large stadium seems to be falling from turning on an illusion or fata morgana (see opposite). Or is there still something?” asks author Willem De Bock, in his voluminous and well-documented book ‘Dossier Stadium’.


At first glance, the answer is: no. Already, the club owners definitely want to do that. ‘Marc Coucke wants to have a private stadium for Anderlecht, but it may not be long to cope with its current stadium. Paul Gheysens still want the Eurostadion realize, though he will in order to do that, now from a whole different keg to the tapping. Bart Verhaeghe sees the need for large stadiums for Belgian clubs, but it should not be the national stadium. He will be very happy if his project in Bruges raft can be drawn, so that he of the decay (in Jan Breydel, ed.) redeemed touch’, says the author, who have no illusions.

‘Any plan for a
new, large stadium
seems a little off to
turning on an illusion
or fata morgana’

Willem De Bock


Except when everyone is water in the wine. “More than one player in the current Belgian football pleaded for dialogue and the search for consensus, because many parties which are yet enemies lay people – and also part were – in essence, the objective allies of each other’, The Bock, in his book, a striking call. The recent voetbalschandaal offers, according to him, an excellent opportunity. Because only if the football again, ‘kosher’, it can count on support in the society for new stadiums.

In other words: each other in a new stadium to award, and everyone is stronger. Something in that style, tweette ever even Marc Coucke. But there came remarkably little response, notes that The Bock on. Perhaps because his investeringspartner at Anderlecht, Joris Ide, a few days before, just the stadionplannen in Bruges by rival Verhaeghe had difficult.

Legal certainty

The question of the million is: how do we get out? All parties involved in the book agree that the complex regulations on spatial planning and especially the procedures to simplification. Key words are certainty and predictability. “The participation and consultation must advance, and in the beginning of a stadiontraject place’, the author quotes Ghelamco. Then have the remedies – that are needed to excesses to avoid – in the time limit.

Neerpede in Anderlecht. photo news

And there needs to be more clarity about the role that government should play in the financial support of a new stadium. What is allowed and what is not? In Bruges, they want an outdated municipal stadium to exchange it for a modern private stadium, in Ghent, they have an outdated clubstadion exchanged for a modern urban stadium with private insurance. The discussion what the best option is, and whether the rules for state aid are respected, seems to be mainly ideologically inspired. That debate must be settled, or settled, so that there is finally clarity.

Or maybe do Europe and the Uefa, that will soon be in our place. ‘The new Financial Fair Play rules, which in 2020 are not only a thorny issue for big clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City or Real Madrid. They can also have nasty headaches ensue for teams in the Belgian Pro League, warns Bock in his book.

“Take a club with a lender with deep pockets. The club receives injections out of proportion, so to speak, for sponsorship. Some revenues are artificially inflated (see also Footbal Leaks, eds.). So, there is the example of KV Oostende, where Marc Coucke are zoo Pairi Daiza, an abnormal duration contract to sign. If that kind of conditions at such a club to be addressed, she is doomed”, is the The Bock, in his book, remarkably sharp for the chairman of Anderlecht. At the very least premature, as it turns out. “Where I come from? From an anonymous source. But real evidence, I don’t”, he says when prompted.

However, Schaarbeek?

King Baudouin Stadium. belga

And maybe running the endless stadionverhaal still on an ancient Belgian compromise. In his book let The Bock here is one striking balloon to the stalemate in Brussels to unblock. If the Eurostadion, not, as the renewal of the King baudouin stadium is not an option, and also a location in Neerpede not, and if there is in Brussels still an appetite for a new stadium… Then one must go back to the other options that had long ago been investigated.

‘Under the former Brussels minister-president Charles Picqué found the spoorterrein Schaerbeek Formation a great location for a new football stadium, ” writes Bock. And while doing so, when the questions were about the stability and the contamination of the surface, is this according to the author, ‘perhaps the best or the least bad of the alternatives.

File Stadium

Willem De Bock

Lannoo, 319 p.

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