’Nothing oubolligs’ fiftieth Schaep

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“The characters are timeless,” explains Raoul Heertje. He writes the script based on the series created in 1969 for the first time, was to be seen on television. “Ultimately it is about the people and the relationships they have with each other. About the love between Doortje and Phalanx for example. And how the characters deal with their faults and with those of others. There is nothing oubolligs.”

The situations where the regulars come in, according to Jeroen van Koningsbrugge for many people recognizable. “That is the strength I think,” says Jeroen, who played the role of Phalanx. “That awkwardness, the more awkward way of interacting with each other. Say things before you think.” Laughing: “And then there is the hassle, but then comes the well again.”

The series, written by Eli Asser, was in the sixties, millions of people watched. In 2006, a remake, among others, with Loes Luca, Pierre Bokma, Carry Tefsen and Georgina Verbaan. That, and the next four series, were hugely popular. However, that popularity is no pressure on the current cast members.

“The musical is really different than the series,” says Van Koningsbrugge. “All the other players. And I think that’s because it is the form of theater is that you are never going to think: oh that was on tv otherwise.”

Amsterdam accent

What in any case does not change, are the famous songs of Harry Bannink as We are still in the world to each other, to help niewaar and As you shouldn’t have more confidence. That come in the new production back, just like the touching, nasty, and hilarious conversations between Doortje, Toe, Lena and Prong.

That the whole of the Netherlands enjoy the Amsterdam fun, Eva Van Der Gucht, who Doortje going to play, not crazy. “You might think: it is so Amsterdam, which is only fun for the people of Amsterdam. But that is not so. Everyone likes, the whole of the Netherlands will find it great to look at. Understand that the exorbitant of the Amsterdam makes it very universal.” With the accent, she must still do some work, she reveals. “But that’s good. I’m just very much André Hazes listen. I don’t mind.”

Except Van Koningsbrugge and Van der Gucht play the brothers Tim and Wart Kamps in the musical. They share the role of Luka. Other actors that play a part are Ellen Pieters, John buijsman, and more, Jetty Marthurin and Jeske van de Staak.

The musical ’t Schaep with the 5 Seed is from 3 april until 16 June to see in DeLaMar Theatre in Amsterdam. Then move the show for a week at the Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam. The premiere is on april 14.

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