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Nigel Farage leaves Ukip because of extreme price

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Nigel Farage get on with the British eurosceptic party Ukip. In a letter on the website of the newspaper The Telegraph says Farage that he does not agree with the ‘fixation’ on the islam and the influence of the convicted anti-islamactivist Tommy Robinson in the party.

“During the annual Ukip conference this year in Birmingham, I spoke during a gala dinner. My message was simple: one of the reasons why Ukip is so successful, is that we have extremists outside kept us focused on the election. I warned that a change of course the party will be irreparably would damage it.’

According to Farage were Ukip members are always “decent and respectable” people. “Under my leadership, the party’s former members of the BNP and EDL (extreme right-wing movements, ed.) denied. We are often accused of racism and extremism, but I am convinced that this is not correct’, says Farage. “Under Gerard Batten (the current party leader, ed.) the price of the party has changed fundamentally.’

The ‘party elections’ is a ‘party of straatactivisme’, says Farage. “Members are urged to follow along with the demonstrations, than to battle through the ballot box.’ Farage also refers to a photo of a partijmeeting about a Brexit-mars this coming Sunday. That is the controversial far-right activist Tommy Robinson to see the next party leader Batten. ‘In addition to Robinson is Daniel Thompson, a convicted armed kidnapper.’

“My heart bleeds when I think of the idea that they may be seen by some as representatives of the cause in which I am such a big chunk of my adult life campaign have conducted’, decision Farage. “The idea that Tommy Robinson is central in the Brexit debate is too terrible to think about. (..) There is a lot of room for a Brexit-party in British politics but Ukip will that space fill.’

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