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Nicky Cocquyt word jeugdcoach in Belgian Cycling

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Nicky Cocquyt for the cycling federation as jeugdcoach for the road and the pisterenners to get started. This is reported by Belgian Cycling Tuesday. The 34-year-old ex-rider replaces Kenny De Ketele at the head of the juniorenselectie on the slopes. For the newbies on the road take Cocquyt over from Dirk Onghena.

Cocquyt is responsible for the supervision of the youth (freshmen and juniors) on the piste, and he is the wegcoach of the newbies. Also he jumps in a supporting role in for the long distance and sprint at the U23 and elite.

“With the recruitment of Nicky Cocquyt intensifies the federation the necessary interplay between the roads and the slopes in the junior riders,” says Belgian Cycling. “That the newbies on the road and on the track, will the same coach be accompanied creates an interaction between both disciplines, a grasp easier.”

When the junior takes Cocquyt the place of Kenny De Ketele. That is currently in the middle of the qualification period for the Olympic Games of 2020. He continues his career as a coach temporarily stop to concentrate fully on the achievement of sporting objectives to be able to concentrate. De Ketele will still be on as an expert for specific disciplines. Also Dirk Onghena does not disappear from the screen. Just as The Ketele he remains on board, but in a different role.

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