Nick Jonas gets in the south

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The American singer Nick Jonas and the Indian actress Priyanka Chopra have got married. The pair organized two weddings: a wedding in India and a traditional christian ceremony.

On day one went to the feast in a palace in the Indian city of Jodhpur. “It was very important for Priyanka to an Indian ceremony to have its heritage and culture, honors”, says a knowledge of People.

“Priyanka, also a lot of interest to have a western ceremony that the christian education of his honors”, the knowledge further. The father of the American singer, and Paul Kevin Jonas Sr., organized a christian ceremony.

In september told the youngest “Jonas Brother” that the couple is together still no nicknames. “She likes the name ‘Prick’, I do not,” laughed he in ‘The Tonight Show’. The new couple taught together in 2016 to know through Twitter. After their meeting at an ‘Academy Awards’-party, they came as a couple to the outside. “I think we just knew that it was. We are immediately gone,” said the American.

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