New season of Peace on earth

49c928ed2094d67c011fd2fc889ac9cc - New season of Peace on earth

Peace on earth is back: Sven de Leijer brings the whole christmas holiday long his personal annual review, the time from Sunday to Thursday on One.

Outside it is cold, but in his studio attracts Sven shamelessly the map of the warmth and coziness. Every evening, he leaves three guests in, gives them something to drink and when they are completely at ease in the chair, sitting down, looked back at 2018.

There is a lot to discuss. For good habit of Sven again for a whole year, just something to be carefully watched tv, and he would like his guests to share what him all has noticed. Maybe they can also surprise you with their insights.

• Sven: “Last year I was really nervous to have all those artists in my seat to receive – I have never been so stuttering French spoken as against Nafi Thiam – but I also found it very amusing. Premier Michel, who told that he is the same fluo Agassi-tennisshort had as a child, and then Erik Van Looy on the lap of Annelies Van Herck went to the infamous Trump-handshake to demonstrate: I rot amused. And I can’t wait for the first guest of this new season of my studio and walk into.”

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