Naval cipher areas VRT close The Warmest Week as The Hottest Radio

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On Monday, december 24, bundle four VRT-naval cipher areas of a long day together their forces for The Hottest Radio: a unique verzoekprogramma through the sms number of The Hottest Week. In that way, the gathered audience of millions of Radio 1, Radio 2-, MNM and Studio Brussel-listeners all charities of The Warmest Week one last, great push in the back.

The Hottest Radio is presented by six radiostemmen of four VRT-radio stations. Sofie Lemaire (Radio 1), Anja Daems (Dutch Radio 2) and Dorianne Aussems (MNM) present on december 24, from 9 to 18 together with the three presenters of Music For Life, Eva De Roo, Michèle Cuvelier and Otto-Jan Ham. The joint radio show is broadcast live from the Provincial Domain Puyenbroeck in Wachtebeke, and is integral to look at One.

The Hottest Radio is the final run of The Warmest Week: nine hours, choose the listeners the music of The Hottest Radio by their verzoekplaatje to send via sms. Such a text message to 4342 costs 1 euro and is integral to all charities of The Warmest Week. So the more listeners, the more requests, the more all of the non-profit of The Warmest Week can be helped, just before the end of The Hottest Week. So – with the help of listening to Flanders under the motto “everyone helps everyone” – the last day of The Hottest Week of the hottest.
Also for and during The Warmest Week, the VRT-naval cipher areas warm actions on the legs. An overview:

Studio Brussel
From Tuesday 18 december until christmas eve live Eve De Roo, Michèle Cuvelier and Otto-Jan Ham a week in the cold and rotate them during Music For Life records for all charities of The Warmest Week. Before they make a week-long non-stop live radio from the Provincial Domain Puyenbroeck in Wachtebeke. Linde Merckpoel gathers with her personal action, Linde is silent all silent for a week to raise funds for Coda vzw. And also this year to play six top artists, an exclusive benefit concert in The Flame, the Music For Life concert tent. The proceeds of those performances is integral to the charity that the artists themselves have chosen.

Radio 1
Radio 1 is committed, together with Rudi Vranckx in for the victims of the conflict in Yemen, with special attention for the children who suffer from malnutrition. Therefore, organizes the station on december 15, together with the University of Flanders, The Night of the Wetensgrap in 30CC in Leuven. A unique combination of comedians (Adriaan Van den Hoof, Jelle De Beule, Lieven Scheire, Johan Terryn, Katrijn Van Bouwel and Bart Cannaerts) probes, together with a world-class team of professors the boundaries of the scientific seriousness. In addition, there is also a text-fundraisingactie for the benefit of aid projects of UNICEF, the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders and Oxfam-Solidarity on the field. Next Thursday, december 6 spends Radio 1 to the whole day of attention to the background of the conflict, witnesses, aid agencies and actions for Yemen in Flanders.

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