Natalia has a new friend

b170593fd8d79f9c6a6248051642114b - Natalia has a new friend

Yesterday was Natalia 38 and there she is clearly a beautiful gift. The Campine singer shared on Instagram a photo of her new friend. “Thank you for all the beautiful verjaardagswensen, but today, this man is my biggest and most sought-after gift!”

The photos date back to a concert in the Lotto Arena in november. Then it seemed as if she was a random victim from the public chose to give him a lapdance. Nothing is less where as it turns out, for the man was Frederik Binst, her new friend. A lot of BV’s wish Natalia good luck in love. “Best present ever”, says Katja Retsin. “Clean!!!!! Enjoy the love,” said Kobe Ilsen. “Ne great gift dadde”, laughed An Lemmens.

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