Nancy and Dieter from Home games this month in Theater, The Roxy

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Traditionally, you can in the month of december up in the hills Theater, The Roxy, Rijschoolstraat 51 to 3800 Sint-Truiden for a heartwarming comedy. This year the choice fell on ‘The Quaghebeurs’ with o.a. Ann Pira and Raf Jansen. Ann and Raf do you know, of course, better if Nancy and Dieter, the most popular Flemish soapkoppel from the tv series ‘Home’.

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Willy Quaghebeur, owner of the restaurant ‘Petit Paris’, is deceased. 4 children meet at the casket of their father. They have each other in years are no longer seen and the relationship with their father was to say the least ‘cool’ to name a few. But what happened with the sons Quaghebeur ? And what with the only daughter ? Old feuds and beautiful memories come up. But also questions about the inheritance. Who gets the gold rolex ? For whom are the jewels of mother more blessed ? And what will happen with the brasserie ? Father Quaghebeur shows in any case a very original testament to have figured out…

Author Jeroen Maes manages to get another topkomedie to deliver after ‘bad to worse’ and ‘The last chance’. In addition to Ann and Raf will recognize you also Gunter Reniers (The kotmadam, Hello Belgium), Yves Caspar (Family) and Koen Vijverman (Family). Gunter, Yves and Koen worked in earlier comedies of all successful together and their comic timing is infectious. The interaction with Ann and Raf, provides the necessary sparks !

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