Melanie Griffith: ‘Alec Baldwin didn’t want to date with me during Working Girl’

The actress was in love with Alec Baldwin on the set of Working Girl

Melanie Griffith missed a romance with Alec Baldwin on the set of Working Girl because he dates with co-star refused.

The actress celebrates the 30th anniversary of the beloved film and reveals she had an intense crush on Alec. “Alec Baldwin is handsome and charming….. but he really wanted to not dating with me”,

tells Melanie The Hollywood Reporter.

Instead, Griffith and her attention and affection on a young investment banker, who was hired as an expert for the film. Griffith reveals that she’s with this Liam Dalton a fling. “We had an incredible romance. We are still friends. He lives in New York, is married and has four children.”

Her fling with Dalton took place after her second husband, Steven Bauer, had split up and before they, in 1989, remarried her first husband, Don Johnson.

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