Madonna is once again at odds with Lady Gaga

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The two are already in the clinch since 2012.

Madonna’s feud with Lady Gaga new lease of life. Madonna thinks that Lady Gaga on the get is gone with a quote from her.

“There may be 100 people in a room, and 99 of them will not believe in you. But you have only one and needed someone which gives you a chance, and as your life changes.” Gaga was referring to the more on actor Bradley Cooper, the film, directed and gave her the leading role.

According to Madonna, the ruling raunchy jatwerk.In the eighties she made a similar statement. On Instagram took Madonna to Gaga. They posted a picture of himself

with the caption ‘Don’t F*ck With Me Monday’, and the second post is a movie in which she has her middle finger rears. “I’ve seen it all before heard”, she wrote it. “Words are cheap. If you’re silence not able to improve, say just nothing. #SorryNotSorry”.

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