’London can Brexitbesluit on its own initiative, withdraw’

26aee1c59b2a30743eea432f162616a6 - ’London can Brexitbesluit on its own initiative, withdraw’

LUXEMBOURG – The United Kingdom, the decision for the EU to leave unilaterally withdraw. If London would like to, do the other 27 countries have no separate approval for.

A key adviser to the European Court of Justice, advocate-general, Manuel Campos Sánchez-Bordona, said Tuesday. Revocation of a decision from an international treaty, should not, according to him, even before the withdrawal is a fact. The court follows such opinions often.

Scottish courts have the judges ask questions on the British activation of article 50 of the EU treaty in march 2017. It says that the departure, in principle, two years later takes place. The Scots want to be clear or and how the vertrekbesluit may be revoked.

The lawyer of the British government during a hearing said that the question is not relevant because London is not only the plan is the vertrekbesluit to withdraw. The EU is proposing that revocation is possible only if all other EU member states that approve it.

When the court ruling is unknown. The British parliament returns next week, a judgment about the scheidingsakkoord that London and Brussels have concluded.

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