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KV Kortrijk wins flabby bekerderby and may move to quarter finals

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KV Kortrijk qualified Tuesday night as the first club to the quarter-finals of the Croky Cup. The Guys won on their own field earned the derby against Zulte Waregem 1-0. Batsula scored just before the break the goal of the qualification.

Actually, it was this report, but a brief message worth. The party was really not to see. KV Kortrijk placed themselves for the quarter final, Zulte Waregem was not much. The neutral soccer has not really missed anything, since the match is not on television it was broadcast.

Normally a derby between KV Kortrijk and Zulte Waregem, usually a guarantee for spectacle. Fireworks we had, however, not to see. That also had its reasons. “The cup is not paramount for us,” said Francky Dury after the 1-1-draw against KV Oostende. “This is the match of the year for KV Kortrijk”, says Yves Vanderhaeghe. Two opposing statements before the commencement of this burenduel. Strangely enough get we five changes in the team of the CHAMBER of commerce, and only two with Essevee.

When the Farmers were Henrik Bjørdal and Thomas Buffel is still a chance, Théo Bongonda and Mamadou Sylla sat down on the couch. The speed of Bjørdal was in the early stages is often sought after. Essevee began the best. After only two minutes was the sight of Buffalo is still not sharp after Harbaoui a throw-doorkopte. A moment later, sitting Batsula there thoroughly in addition to. The Peacock was shot and decided along.

The Guys came only after ten minutes in the match. They had perforce to do without Mboyo, who were hurt on the thigh. Batsula was his replacement. Vanderhaeghe put as Bruzzese between the posts. Ajagun, Ouali and Van Der Bruggen were allowed to even begin. They proved why they normally sit on the couch. It was anything but sharp what the three brought. CHAMBER of commerce put out, nevertheless the nose to the window. Three times could there remotely be printed. Each time, not between the frame.

The middle of the first half fell the match completely silent. Essevee waited for a mistake from KV Kortrijk to soon to break out. The home team did bake it yourself is also not too much of it. This match had a goal need to be brought to life. It was as if the 22 protagonists of us had heard from the tribune. Azouni put a spot in on the right side. His cross was still concealed, but there was Batsula that with a hard bang Bossut to graze took.

Double switch delivers nothing

Dury takes the cup to his own words, not so important, but he is still a winner. Immediately after the delay, he sent Bongonda and Sylla to the opwarmingszone. Bjørdal and Buffalo remained in the dressing room at the start of the second period. A lot of schwung was not there in the party. It did at times hurt the eyes. Also the committee was to the level of the competition.

KV Kortrijk forgot Zulte Waregem. Ajagun could benefit after tampering of Heylen. The Nigerian kicked himself, but had always Avenatti should aanspelen. The supporters warmed themselves, but to Teddy Chevalier who warmliep along the sidelines. The last trump of Dury Bedia. Essevee created nothing, with CHAMBER of commerce lacked the finesse on the final pass. A final offensive was not much in the house.

KV Kortrijk bekert further and is also on four points of a place in the top six. It can still be a good year for Yves Vanderhaeghe. The season is there for Zulte Waregem as well as on. The only thing the forces of Dury is the mathematical certainty acquire an extended stay in the highest division. The duel at Mouscron this coming weekend is much more important for Dury.


Referee: Verboomen

Spectators: 6.821

Goals: 40’ Batsula 1-0 19,

KV Kortrijk: Bruzzese, Azouni, Kumordzi, Kagelmacher, Batsula, The Sart, Van Der Bruggen, Ajagun (54’ Kanu), Ouali (82’ Chevalier), Avenatti, D’haene (90+2’ Hines-Ike)

SV Zulte Waregem: Bossut, De fauw, Heylen, Baudry, Bürki, Walsh, Tardieu, H. Bjørdal (46’ Sylla), The Peacock (73’ Bedia), Buffalo (46’ Bongonda), Harbaoui

Yellow cards: 42’ The Sart, 54’ Azouni, 61’ Sylla, 81’ Baudry, 90+2’ Harbaoui, 90+3’ Tardieu

Red cards: none

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