Judge warns Cardi B after an absence to shoot

5bb50751b5b8c42911d33139460e374e - Judge warns Cardi B after an absence to shoot

The case, which revolves around a brawl in a strip club where Cardi according to the indictment, the instigator of it, was already six weeks postponed at the request of the legal team of the singer. According to TMZ gave her lawyers the right to know that they have a hard time Cardi to achieve, and that they only with her management communicate.

Daily Mail posted Monday, photos of Cardi on a beach in Miami, which, according to the British newspaper are made at the time they enter the court. The rapper is on the images painted and seems to pose during a photo shoot. According to her lawyers gave the management of Cardi just before the weekend that they are ’other liabilities’ and therefore not in the court would be present.

The prosecutors asked the judge for a warrant of arrest for the musician, but that gave her one more chance. If they are Friday once again do not report in the court, the court may Cardi have held.

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