’Johan Derksen is no enemy, gay, it gets much worse’

4cf1a63893256d18b549c723d6ecf22b - ’Johan Derksen is no enemy, gay, it gets much worse’

Paul Haenen

In the piece, Paul Haenen a plea for satire, which, according to him, on the Dutch tv not more. “Yes, hobby-satire. Occasionally a safe joke to make.” Then he comes up with all the fuss about the jokes about homosexuals that Johan Derksen last week in the voetbalprogramma Veronica Inside. “Johan Derksen calls his babble yourself in perspective ‘voetbalkantinepraat’. Is good to hear? How people there about certain things think.”

Then, he warns “young gays” that is good to realize that ’the acceptance of homosexuality is not so common. Stronger, that in our society there is homophobia’. “Maybe you’ll find now that Johan Derksen says this, but it is still much much worse.”

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’Fun, provoking’

“Save your tears for when it really becomes painful, save your fighting spirit for the real enemies. And Johan Derksen is no enemy. He loves gays and has perhaps itself also a gay experience.” In short, please Derksen not too serious, advises the pastor Gremdaat. “He likes to have with his statements to the boundaries. I think that is also fun to provoke. And even if you do not agree with him, then it is always better than dull and colorless.”

He calls it an ’utter idiot’ that ’a minister is this going to interfere’. “Has a man nothing better to do?”

Johan Derksen was last week under fire after he was joking in the voetbalprogramma Veronica Inside. Under the hashtag #SorryJohan shared many people, their coming out stories or they came up with a declaration of support.

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