’If PSV with 9-1 Excelsior win, everything is forgotten.”

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The players of PSV dripping off after the defeat in The Cockpit.

“Mark van Bommel is due to the wool dyed, so I don’t think that crazy things are going to happen. So is Van Bommel. There is not now suddenly talk of panic in the PSV. In fact, I have that in the fourteen years as a footballer have never experienced in Eindhoven”, says Van Aerle. “This is a avid, good team. You win not for nothing, thirteen times in a row. Feyenoord-off is a contest that you can lose.”

Paris Saint-Germain

Van Aerle (55) mentions the insurmountable that PSV one time points would go squander. As well as Paris Saint-Germain last weekend, for the first time this season not won in the French Ligue 1. Van Aerle was with PSV in the peak year 1987/’88 even the first seventeen matches without loss of points. Immediately after the winter break was against FC Twente (2-2) wrong. The reaction was allowed there in the next round. PSV won with 9-1 of the former FC Den Haag, a week later it was there also on a visit to Ajax ’just’ another victory out of the fire dragged (0-1).

Culpable institution

“If PSV then Friday also with 9-1 Excelsior win, everything is forgotten and forgiven…”, laughs Van Aerle. “We were so strong and felt really invincible. It was, of course, a stellar, winning the Europe Cup I. But even then, it may once happen that you points to spill. Also for the current PSV, this is a place of learning, with a heavy Champions League series in the legs. Although that’s really no excuse. But yes, Feyenoord-off is always difficult. Only the setting in the first half is culpable. You can not at fifty, sixty, or eighty per cent to The Cockpit.”

Van Aerle is, in short, no worries. “It is clear that PSV and Ajax there sticking out. Losing is a part of football. Or the now, after thirteen, seventeen or twenty matches happening. If PSV is now in a small club had lost, it was much worse. So if you want a success story will definitely not end.”

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