Hottest Radio re-valve of Warmest Week

faac65e738f3d094f217155c8a16cf5c - Hottest Radio re-valve of Warmest Week

The Warmest Week of the VRT is on 24 december, then closed again with The Hottest Radio. The four naval cipher areas of Radio 1, Radio 2, MNM, Studio Brussel and then have a single joint verzoekprogramma for the charity. Six well-known radiostemmen will the broadcast to talk to each other. This is reported by the public today.

Six radiostemmen will be during The Hottest Radio to hear. Sofie Lemaire (Radio 1), Anja Daems (Dutch Radio 2) and Dorianne Aussems (MNM) come from 9 to 18 hours in addition to the three presenters of Music For Life van Studio Brussel. Yesterday it was announced that the trio this year will consist of Eva De Roo, Michèle Cuvelier and Otto-Jan Ham.

During The Hottest Radio can listeners request stay requests through the sms number of The Hottest Week. Such a text message to 4342 costs 1 euro and is integral to the charity.

Just like last year, Music For Life will take place in the provincial domain Puyenbroeck in the East Flanders Wachtebeke. The previous years, suggested Music For Life camp still in De Schorre in Boom.

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