He added: “I have everything to regret. But if I had done it was never so fascinating.”

e8fb5a50aaf67299f81af8c3ca0ba344 - He added: "I have everything to regret. But if I had done it was never so fascinating."

Enfant Terrible, beursgoeroe, meesteroplichter, economist, politician, writer, painter, genius, and rebel. Jean-Pierre Van Rossem kicked it with a lot of swagger, guts and a big mouth to one of the most discussed figures of the past decades. Peter Boeckx made his portrait in a two-part report on FOUR.

A fleet of ferrari’s, castles, a megajacht, tens of millions of dollars and a lot of feminine beauty. Van Rossem has it in the eighties and nineties, all. With his beursbeleggingbedrijf Moneytron he claims to have a mathematical system with which the stock market can be predicted. Scams of the purest kind, so judging the judges. But Van Rossem made a huge profit. He had to say about almost $ 900 million.

His financial downfall in 1991, together with a condemnation to five years in prison. But the mastermind will choose for politics. In the early nineties, he reaches with his libertarian party R. O. S. S. E. M of three seats in the Room and one in the Senate. He turns as much as possible outside the lines. His “Vive la république d’europe” resounds long after. Today is Van Rossem there are seventy-three. The times of suitcases full of money, pitspoezen, legendary parties, in dancing Bocaccio and decadent abundance are definitively over. In his modest apartment in Kapelle-op-den-Bos, he lives a reclusive and alone. He paints, reads, and studies. He also stopped smoking. At his previous surgery, he lost not just his left leg.

In november of this year he received two years effective imprisonment and was 390,000 euros in equivalent forfeited due to forgery, money laundering, tax evasion and scams.

Van Rossem is struggling with doubts. Is a trooper show, and “the ongeluksvonnis with all the power to continue to fight” or permanently say goodbye. He is tired, but announced still next year a throw will do to a seat in the Room. Or how history could repeat.

There’s plenty to tell about Van Rossem. Also that he had a few years ago, euthanasia, ordered to die. But not for Peter Boeckx his last will and testament would be recorded. Because the herinningen to his turbulent life are more vivid than ever.

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